Overview of Natural Motion Dance

Natural Motion Dance

Natural Motion Dance was born after years of experience in Caberet, American Tribal Style, and finally Tribal Fusion belly dance.  Diana brings her years of experience to Bucks County in offering Tribal Fusion through her Natural Motion Dance classes.   The eight or thirteen week series of classes covers a set vocabulary of movements that are communicated in an improvisational, lead-follow style that fosters a sense of sisterhood and community.  The basic dance movements are based off of natural motions that your body does on a daily basis.  Women who take these classes often convey improved flexibility and strength as well as an improved overall sense of happiness and well-being.

What Exactly is Tribal Style Belly Dance and Tribal Fusion?

The Gilded Serpent, a dance magazine devoted to belly dance, offers a great article on this:

An Intro to Tribal Fusion Belly Dance

Below are some videos illustrating a variety of styles in Tribal Belly Dance